The nine-month Memorial Service of the Late Metropolitan of Pisidia, Former of Korea, Soterios Trampas

On the Second Sunday of Great Lent, after the end of the Divine Liturgy in all the Parishes, as well as at the Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior of the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea, the nine-month Memorial Service was held for the repose of the soul of the late Metropolitan of Pisidia, former of Korea, Soterios Trampas.

At the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Seoul, the Divine Liturgy and the Memorial Service were presided over by Metropolitan Ambrosios of Korea, assisted by the Rev. Fr. Roman Kavchak and Fr. Antonios Lim.

Prior to the Memorial Service, the Metropolitan of Korea addressed the congregation with the following thoughts:

My beloved Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

The great contemporary Theologian and Saint of our Church, Saint Sophrony of Essex, writes: “To be a Christian is to believe in the resurrection of the dead.” In other words, if a Christian does not believe in the resurrection of the dead, he is essentially not a Christian.

Moreover, because we believe in the resurrection of the dead, we do not mourn the departure of our spiritual Father, “like the rest who have no hope”. We are sad, of course, and it is very difficult for us to get used to His absence, especially those older faithful who were blessed to live with Him for 47 whole years, but because of our faith in the Resurrection, we strongly feel His presence among us.

Our spiritual Father, the late Metropolitan Soterios, a few days before His passing away, wanted to see everyone and say goodbye. Unfortunately, however, due to the pandemic, it was not possible for the faithful to visit Him in the hospital where he was being treated. So, after consultations with the hospital management, we came to the decision that only our priests and their presbyters should visit Him.

During their visit, they prayed together, He spoke words of love to them, occasionally He gave them advice, and He asked them for their forgiveness.

He did the same thing with the telephone communications He wished to have with His relatives and his collaborators in Greece. To every one He said: “I’m calling you to say goodbye. Thank you for what you did during my ministry in Greece, Korea, and Pisidia. Please forgive me for my mistakes. Love Christ and forgive one another.”

Our spiritual Father left us this spiritual tradition and heritage:
To love Christ from the bottom of our hearts.
To love all people without discrimination.
To forgive everyone without exception.

If we try to follow His example, our lives will surely be filled with the Grace of God and the blessing of our late spiritual Father. Amen.


St. Nicholas Cathedral, Seoul

St. Paul Church, Incheon

The Annunciation of the Theotokos Church, Busan

St. Dionysios Church, Ulsan