The Celebration of St. Nicholas in Seoul

The celebration of St. Nicholas in the homonymous Cathedral in Seoul began Sunday December 4. After the Divine Liturgy the transportation and placement of the Holy Icon of St. Nicholas took place in the solea of ​​the church, during which the people sang the Apolytikion of St. Nicholas. After petition His Eminence Ambrosios Metropolitan of Korea distributed to all children gifts on behalf of St. Nicholas. During the common Sunday Agape Meal was extrapolated candidate for Oscar documentaries 4.1 Miles on refugees on Lesvos island and then followed a speech to the great virtue of charity, which decorated the St. Nicholas and our debt to them to humans in our diverse needs and circumstances brothers.

On Monday evening December 5th celebrated the Great Vespers, the procession of the Icon and the Relics of St. Nicholas around the Cathedral. After the evening Divine Liturgy Agape Dinner followed, during which the faithful watched the short film «The Visitors», which served as the occasion for theological comments on the theme of ‘stranger’ and the hospitality virtue.

On Tuesday morning December 6th, the Matins and the Divine Liturgy celebrated and the Feast Day of St. Nicholas ended with quote Agape Lunch to all the participants.


St. Nicholas Feast Day 06/12/2016

Video from the Liturgy: