The Celebration of St. Nicholas Feast Day in Seoul

On Sunday, November 28, 2021, the pre-festive celebrations of the St. Nicholas feast began with the transferring and placement of the Holy Icon of St. Nicholas and his holy Relics in the center of the Church.

On the morning of the eve of the feast, December 5, before the Dismissal of the Divine Liturgy, a special prayer was offered before the Icon and the Holy Relics of St. Nicholas in favor of getting rid of the coronavirus pandemic, after which gifts were offered to the children. Following the end of the Divine Liturgy, the faithful, working all together, helped in the cleaning of the Church, while the members of the Youth Association SYNDESMOS worked for the cleaning of the church courtyard, the decoration of the Christmas trees as well as the Halls of the Missionary Center.

On the same day, at 6 p.m., the Service of the Great Vespers was held along with the Service of Artoclasia (the breaking of the bread). The Litany took place inside the church, due to the prohibition measures against the pandemic and it was followed by the Sermon. At the end of the Vespers, all the church members had the opportunity to see in the Hall of the Missionary Center the online Exhibition, organized by the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea under the general title: “Beauty will save the world”. Prior to the screening of the Exhibition, the Metropolitan of Korea welcomed the new Ambassador of Greece to Korea, Her Excellency Aikaterine Loupas, who addressed the audience with a warm greeting.

In the morning of the feast day, December 6, the solemn Service of Orthros (Matins) was held followed by the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy and the Sermon. Before the Dismissal, a special prayer against the COVID-19 pandemic was offered again in front of the Icon and the Relics of St. Nicholas, and then all the faithful went to the Main Hall to watch the online virtual Exhibition.