Sunday of Orthodoxy in Seoul


On March 24, 2024, Sunday of Orthodoxy, the Service of Orthros (Matins) and the Divine Liturgy were celebrated at the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Seoul, with Fr. Roman Kavchak and Fr. Antonios Lim officiating. Many believers came to the church and every one of them brought an icon with them.


At the end of the Divine Liturgy, and immediately after Holy Communion, the procession of the holy icons began in memory of their restoration and the end of the era of iconoclasm. All the faithful, holding the holy icons in their hands, walked around the Church. Leading the way were the banners, the icons of Cherubs, the members of the choir, who sang with solemnity the meaningful hymns of the feast day, the priests holding the holy gospel, along with the faithful who followed the procession with reverence and awe. After the litany around the Church, which included four stops, as required by the tradition of the Church, all the faithful together and in unison, chanted “Who is so great a God as our God? …”. what magnificent moments! The atmosphere was shaken by the voice of the faithful and the catechumen and the whole creation participated in this unrestrained praise to the Holy Triune God.


“…the Prophets as they saw, the Apostles as they taught, the Church as it received, the Teachers as they dogmatized, the Ecumene as it agreed, the grace as it shone; the Truth as it was proven, … Christ as he rewarded; this is how we think, this is how we speak, this is how we preach, Christ our true God… this is the faith of the apostles, this is the faith of the fathers, this is the faith of the Orthodox, this faith has supported the world.”


What a great thrill! What awe and joy and praise and thanksgiving to the Holy God who always protects His Church from temptations and makes her victorious!


The Sunday of Orthodoxy was similarly celebrated in all the Parishes of the Metropolis of Korea as well as in the Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior in Kapyeong.