Holy Week and Pascha in Korea



The infinite Love and the ineffable Philantrhopy of God blessed us this year, too, to celebrate the Holy Passions and the Resurrection of our Lord in all the Parishes and Monasteries of the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea.

Many Korean faithful participated in the Services and Holy Sacraments, particularly in Seoul, Incheon, Busan and Ulsan. Other than Koreans, many Slavophones, Greeks, Americans and other ethnic Orthodox Christians took part in the celebrations.

The Orthodox faithful participated in great numbers in the Mysteries of Holy Confession and Holy Eucharist.

With the Service of the Paschal Vespers of Love and the common Easter Meal of Love, offered to everyone present, the cycle of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection has been  completed and we are now living in the Light and Joy of the Resurrection of our Lord.
Our gratitude to our Lord, “Who for us men and for our salvation” came down from heaven, was crucified, buried and was risen, is immeasurable. Our warm thanks also go to all those who helped clean the Churches, before the beginning of the Holy Week, for the planting of flowers, the dying of Easter Eggs, for the decoration of the Epitaph and for the preparation of the Common Meal of Love on Easter day.

May the Resurrected Lord bless us so that we may celebrate His Holy Passions and His glorious Resurrection next year, too, with greater spiritual preparation and devotion.


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Palm Sunday, 4/9

Holy Wednesday, 4/12

Holy Thursday, 4/13

Holy Friday, 4/14

Holy Saturday, 4/15

Pascha Sunday, 4/16