April 24, 2017 – NCCK Statement on Terrorism



All Christians who belong to the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) condemn in absolute terms the terrorist attacks against innocent civilians all over the world, regardless of their religious or ethnic identities.


We particularly protest against terrorists attacks against Christians in the Middle East and Africa, which have increased at an alarming pace recently, forcing human beings to abandon their ancestral homelands and become refugees in order to save themselves from harm.


The criminal attacks on Easter and Oriental Orthodox Christians in Syria, Pakistan, and Egypt during their holy time of worship, the burning of their churches, and the killing of their priests in cold blood constitute attacks against the Christian faith itself, and are an abhorrent revival of the persecutions of early Christians during the Roman Empire.


For these tragic events we express our heart-broken sympathy and prayers for healing and strength to the relatives of the victims. In addition, we pray fervently that our God of Love, Peace, and Justice may illuminate all involved in these heinous crimes. May all who instead of love and mercy have hatred, who instead of justice use injustice, who instead of spreading joy cause pain and suffering, and who instead of peace and unity propagate war, fear, plagues, and dislocation within the human family be transformed by the grace of the Holy Trinity, the hope and light of the Resurrection, and the witness of all who call ourselves Christians.


April 24, 2017


+ Metropolitan Ambrosios of Korea

President of National Council of Churches in Korea


Rev. Dr. Kim Young-Ju

General Secretary of National Council of Churches in Korea