Cheese-Fare Sunday and Vespers of Forgiveness

On Cheese-Fare Sunday, March 18, 2024, the Matins and Divine Liturgy were celebrated at St. Nicholas Cathedral in Seoul, presided over by Metropolitan Ambrosios of Korea and Exarch of Japan.

After the end of the Divine Liturgy, the faithful gathered in the Dining Room for the Meal of Love, where they all ate together the last non-fasting meal before the beginning of Great Lent. After the meal, the Metropolitan gave a short speech on the remembrance of the exile of Adam and Eve from Paradise.

Afterward, the faithful returned to the Holy Church, where the Vespers of Forgiveness was celebrated with great devotion. At the end of the Service, starting with the Metropolitan and the priests, all the faithful asked forgiveness from each other; that is, one by one, they passed in front of every faithful and asked and gave forgiveness, thus forming a huge human chain of love and forgiveness. What a wondrous picture! With tears in their eyes, they expressed their repentance. Everyone’s heart was deeply moved by this sensational and true spectacle!

That is how the Great Lent began in St. Nicholas Cathedral in Seoul as well as in the other parishes of the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea and “those willing athletes” entered the “stadium of virtues” having as a banner forgiveness and love.

We hope that the Lord will strengthen us in our spiritual struggle so that we may be victorious until the end and deserve to participate in His Holy Passion and His life giving Resurrection. Amen.