An Unforgettable Winter Camp weekend (Retreat)

From Friday, January 12 to Sunday, January 14, 2024, the Winter Camp Retreat of the youth group “SYNDESMOS” took place in Chuncheon, which many Orthodox believers and Catechumens from the parishes of Seoul, Joenju, Ulsan and Chuncheon attended.

The program was rich in liturgical opportunities, with sermons, Bible Study, and discussions on the central theme: The work of evangelism is not a choice, it is Christ’s command to all.

On Saturday evening, after the Great Vespers, the Service of the Sacrament of Confession was held at the camp chapel of St. Boris with the participation of all those who wished to go to confession. One by one, the participants attended the Sacrament by confessing their sins and receiving Absolution. On Sunday morning, during the Orthros (Matins) and the Divine Liturgy, all the young members of SYNDESMOS sang together and participated in the Holy Eucharist.

The program was also rich in entertainment, indoor and outdoor group games walks in the beautiful winter nature, and doing work in preparing meals, cleaning the grounds, etc.

The thick, fluffy snow that started falling just before the end of the Retreat was a very pleasant surprise and the best farewell. It served both as an occasion of praise to God for the beauty of His creation as well as His many blessings during the three-day camp, and as an “alarm” for everyone to get ready quickly for departure, so as not to be blocked by the falling snow.