2022.4.16. Lazarus Saturday in Seoul

On the Saturday of Lazarus, April 16, 2022, a baptismal Divine Liturgy was celebrated at the church of Saint Maximos the Greek in Seoul, during which Sophia Karimova, Paul LEE Tae-Gyoung and Joel KIM Gyoung-Cheol were baptized. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 the Baptism of other catechists was postponed for another time.

The Metropolitan of Korea in his short sermon, analyzing the Exapostilarion of the day, wished the newly enlightened «to always have in their lives the gifts of Joy, Truth, Light, Life and Resurrection». At the same time, he urged them «to fight the good fight of faith to keep their souls white as their baptismal robe and with their bright life to transmit the Light of Christ around them, as symbolized by their lighted candle, until their last breath».

After the Baptismal Divine Liturgy, the couple Dionysios Kwon Se-Byok and Katerina Park Hyon-Jin brought their newborn daughter KWON Si-On in the Cathedral of St. Nickolas for the Forty Days Prayer. The infant is the first grandchild of the late Father Paul KWON.