Voluntary work at the Resurrection Cemetery


On Saturday, April 1st, a group of volunteers from the Parish of Saint Nicholas in Seoul, carried out the work of cleaning the Cemetery and the Church of the Resurrection of the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea.

The diligent work of the volunteers, young and old, as well as Koreans and Slavophons, began early in the morning and it was a very moving sight watching their efforts to clean the graves and the Church of the Cemetery. Certainly, the participation of the Clergy contributed tremendously to the creation of a spirit of unity and selfless love.

Therefore, during these days, when according to Korean tradition, the relatives of the deceased will visit the Cemetery to pay tribute to their ancestors, they will find the Cemetery clean and the graves well-kept.

Sincere gratitude to all those who worked voluntarily and tirelessly for this holy cause and we want them to know that their work and dedication to this sacred cause have not gone unnoticed.