Visit of Roman Catholic Deacons to the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea

On the afternoon of Wednesday, June 19, 2019, more than a hundred Roman Catholic Deacons with their escorts visited the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea in order to learn more about the Orthodox Church.

The Metropolitan of Korea and Deacon Yohan Park welcomed them to the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas. After a brief greeting, a lecture followed, in which the Roman Catholic Deacons had the opportunity to hear the teaching of the Orthodox Church about the Holy Spirit and the theology of the Holy Icons. The program was completed with questions and answers on various topics on Orthodox teaching and life.

Then the visitors and their escorts were taken to the Byzantine Iconography Workshop, where they had the opportunity to meet Professor – Iconographer Mr. Sozos Yannoudis, the students and their works.

Finally, at the Book Café Philokalia they were offered soft drinks and various brochures, as well as a book under the title “What do you know about the Orthodox Church”. A picture of Christ and the Virgin Mary were given to all of them.