Traditional Korean New Year (Lunar New Year, Seolal)

The traditional Korean New Year (Lunar New Year, Seolal) was celebrated this year on Saturday, January 28. In the morning, immediately after the Divine Liturgy, the standard memorial service was held for ancestors across the Parishes of the Metropolis. In his sermon, HE Ambrosios, Metropolitan of Korea emphasized the importance of the Memorial Service  for the repose of the souls of the departed,  and he also stated that it is an expression of gratitude of descendants  to their ancestors. Then young children and the youth expressed their respect for their elders by holding  the beautiful customary event of “Sebe”, in which the younger ones make prostrations to the elders and receive good wishes, advice and gifts.


On Sunday, February 5, the Parish Council of St. Nicholas organized a Seolal event, during which the traditional  custom of “Sebe” was held  and then the faithful, young and old, played the traditional game ” Yut Nori” which helped create a very warm and joyful atmosphere.

Photos from the Divine Liturgy here:

Photos from the event here: