The Youth Meetings of the “Syndesmos” in Seoul

The youth association “Syndesmos” of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Seoul, after about two years of online meetings due to covid-19, began meeting again in person three weeks ago, during which the Metropolitan of Korea Ambrosios started expounding on current spiritual issues.

Every Sunday, following their participation in the Divine Liturgy, the young people of the parish, both the baptized and the catechumen, holding a coffee and a treat in their hands, have the opportunity to listen to a spiritual talk, ask questions to the Bishop, and converse with each other, creating strong spiritual friendships.

The topics of the previous three meetings were on the feasts of the Resurrection, the Ascension and Pentecost, respectively; the explanation of the sacred messages of the feasts was aided by their iconographic representations. Our youth attended the lectures with great interest and asked several questions.

Also, on the Sunday of Pentecost, after the meeting, our youth diligently prepared the place where the Agape meals will be held again, following the long hiatus due to the pandemic.