The Vespers of forgiveness at the Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas in Seoul

2017.2.26 용서주일

On Sunday February 26th 2017, following the Episcopal Divine Liturgy and the Common Meal of Love, the faithful attended the Service of Forgiveness Vespers, celebrated by HE Metropolitan Ambrosios of Korea, Fr. Roman Kavchak, Fr. Antonios Lim and Deacon Yohan Park at St. Nicholas Cathedral in Seoul.

In his speech, His Eminence referred to the prerequisite of forgiveness necessary to sail through “the great sea of fasting” and asked the faithful to go forward and offer and receive forgiveness from each other. First, the Bishop asked everyone’s forgiveness followed by the the priests, the Deacon, the Altar Boys, the members of the Cathedral Choir as well as the whole multilingual congregation, singing together the hymn to the Theotokos ” O benevolent Mother of God who always protects everyone” and also the Jesus Prayer.

After the giving and receiving of forgiveness was over, the Bishop, referring to the ancient practice of the Church, he presented to the congregation those who are preparing to receive Holy Baptism before Easter, on Lazarus Saturday, and asked the ‘ancient disciples’ to pray for them in order to be worthy of their integration within our Holy Church.

Photos from the Service of Forgiveness Vespers