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The Spring International Food Festival 2024


On Sunday, May 26, 2024, the Spring International Food Festival was held, just as every year, in the courtyard of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Seoul, with the participation of many countries, including Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Greece, Lebanon, America, and Canada.

The event began immediately after the end of the Divine Liturgy when many people gathered and formed queues in front of the stalls of each country.

Everything was perfectly organized, as everyone had contributed in his or her way.  Some prepared the food, others set up the stalls and tents, while others helped by washing the cooking utensils. Among all the volunteers, the members of the Youth Association Syndesmos stood out, who worked extremely hard, gave up much of their time, and were powerfully present.

Their efforts were rewarded in the best way, as the festival was a great success. Throughout its duration, despite the adverse weather conditions, many people flocked to taste the delicious food and get to know the Orthodox Church.

We owe many thanks to all those who participated and contributed to the smooth running of the event, but also to those who honored us with their presence. We will renew the appointment for next time!