The Sacrament of the Marriage of Christopher Jonker and Joey Gippeum Park

On Saturday, February 11, the Sacrament of marriage of Christopher Jonker and Joey Gippeum Park was celebrated at the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Seoul by Father Roman Kavchak and Father Antonios Lim Jong-hoon.

The groom is from California, USA and has been living in Korea since 2014. As a member of the Seoul Cathedral, he has served as an English teacher at the Cathedral camp. In the last three years (2019-2022), he studied Greek at the University of Thessaloniki and then studied Orthodox Theology (Master). The bride, after many years of catechism, received Holy Baptism and became a member of the Orthodox Church on December 24, 2022.

Fr. Antonios Lim, at the end of the Sacrament, addressed the newlyweds with paternal admonitions and conveyed the blessings and congratulations of Metropolitan Ambrosios.

In the Sacrament of Marriage the majority of the participants were young people. First, almost all the members of the Orthodox Youth called “Syndesmos” participated, as well as friends and acquaintances of the newlyweds. After the Sacrament, everyone gathered in the hall of the Missionary Center for a reception given by the newlyweds.

Dear Christopher and Zoe, we wish you to live many years and create a beautiful Orthodox Christian family filled with God’s blessings!