The Feast of the 24 Protector Saints of the Korean Orthodox Church

This last Monday, October 3, The Korean Orthodox Church celebrated the feast of the 24 Protector Saints of the Korean Orthodox Church at Our Lord’s Transfiguration Monastery in Gapyeong, Korea. The evening before (October 2) His Eminence, Metropolitan of Pisidia, Sotirios along with Metropolitan Ambrosios, and Deacon John Park celebrated Great Vespers and Artoklasia. The next day, His Eminence Sotirios and His Eminence Ambrosios along with Archpriest Daniel, Archpriest Antonios, Father Jeremiah, Father Ilarion, Father Roman, and Deacon John concelebrated Orthros and Divine Liturgy. Faithful from St. Nicholas’ (Seoul), Saint Paul’s (Incheon), The Dormition of the Theotokos and St. Anna’s (Jeonju), and Saint Boris’ (Chuncheon) all together participated in the celebration.

His Eminence, Ambrosios, Metropolitan of Korea, gave a homily entitled, “The Saints: Branches of one Grapevine”.

After the liturgy, everybody gathered for an Agape meal. During the luncheon, a special celebration was held to commemorate His Eminence Sotirios’ 60 year anniversary of being ordained into the Holy Orthodox Church. His Eminence gave thanks to God for his 60 years as a clergy member and, most especially, for his service in the clergy of the Korean Orthodox  Church for 41 years. He also brought thanks from the two churches he helped to build in the territory of Pisidia in Turkey. Finally, His Eminence shared with the Korean faithful the icons of the Theotokos, St. Georgios, and St. Paul the Apostle that he brought from Pisidia.

The faithful of the Korean Orthodox church altogether thanked His Eminence and Sister Agathi for their tireless preparation and work for this blessed and glorious Feast Day.

We wish you all the grace and blessings of our Lord on this very special occasion. Keep all of us in your prayers.

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