The Celebration of the Holy Passion of Our Lord and the Holy Resurrection in Korea

This year, the Korean Orthodox faithful, along with the faithful of other nationalities, celebrated the Holy Passion and the Holy Resurrection of our Lord with a contrite and lifting up spirit in all the Parishes of the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea.

Every day, they had the opportunity to participate in the Holy Week’s morning and evening Services and to contemplate on the profound meanings of the hymns and sacred readings.
A huge number of them came to the Sacraments of Holy Confession and the Divine Eucharist, they helped with the cleaning of our churches, the decoration of the Epitaph, the dying of Easter Eggs, and the Paschal common meal that followed the Vespers of Love.



St. Nicholas Church (Seoul) :

April 1st Palm Sunday & Holy Monday

April 4th Holy Wednesday Sacrament of Holy Unction

April 5th Holy Thursday

April 6th Holy Friday

April 7th Holy Saturday & Orthodox Day (Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary)

April 7th Holy Saturday Divine Liturgy

April 8th The Great Holy Pascha & Agape Common Meal


The Annunciations of the Holy Theotokos Church (Busan)

St. Paul Church (Incheon)

The Dormitions of the Mother of God Church (Jeonju)

St. Dionysios Church (Ulsan)

St. Boris Church (Chuncheon)