The celebration of the 24 patron saints of the Korean Church

October 3 is a public holiday in Korea because the founding of Gojoseon, which is the first state of the Korean nation is celebrated.

Every year on this day the Korean Orthodox Metropolis celebrated the memory of the twenty-four patron Saints of the Korean Church, whose holy relics are kept in the Holy Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration in Kapyeong.

As the holiday fell on a Sunday this year, the celebration in honor of the 24 Saints was held, but with a very limited number of believers due to coronavirus restrictions. In previous years, the faithful participated in this celebration coming from all the parishes of the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea.

On the eve of the previous day, (Saturday) the Service of the Great Vespers was officiated followed by the Service of “Artoclasia” (the breaking of the bread). The next day the Service of Orthros (Matins) was sung, including hymns of the feast of the Saints. The Divine Liturgy followed, at the end of which a special prayer was offered to the Lord to protect the world from the coronavirus, through the intercessions of His Saints.