Symposium on the Βook: “Orthodox Icons: A Valuable Spiritual Treasure”, Sogang University – Seoul

On Friday, October 19, 2018 a Symposium was organized at Sogang University in Seoul for the two-volume work: “Orthodox Icons: A Valuable Spiritual Treasure”.

The Symposium was  organized by Professor Jae-Young Kim.

The author of the book, Metropolitan of Korea Ambrose, was  invited as a keynote speaker at the Symposium. Also invited were three book reviewers, namely Prof. San-Choon Kim (Sogang Univ.), Buddhist monk Hye-Dam, Prof. Jin-Hyok Kim (Torch Trinity Graduate Univ.), who spoke favorably about the book and pointed out its importance for Korean readers. In the end, the keynote speaker of the Symposium and the book reviewers answered questions placed by the audience.

The organization of the Symposium was a major event for the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea as well as for its Publication House, “Korean Orthodox Editions”.