Sunday of Orthodoxy in Korea

The great feast of Sunday of Orthodoxy was celebrated this year at the Korean Orthodox Metropolis with the participation of just a few believers due to COVID-19.

The Litany of the Holy Icons took place at the end of the Divine Liturgy within the Churches and without ringing the Bells. The faithful stood at a safe distance from each other and remained in their seats holding the icons they had brought from their homes. Only the Clergy, along with the Altar Boys, and a few members of our Parishes, men and women, participated at the procession of the Sacred Icons within the church.

During the litany, special prayers were offered for the protection of the whole world from the COVID-19.

After the end of the Litany, everyone left the Church, as the Common Meal of Love as well as all the meetings of the Faithful, the Catechumens, the Youth, the Students, etc. have been cancelled since last month, when the first cases of COVID-19 appeared in our country.