Post camp meeting in St. Dionysios, Ulsan

“Let brotherly love continue” -Hebrews 13:1

What happens when you have such a blessed time at camp enjoying each other’s company in play, over meals, and in worshiping God together?  You feel yourself in a true community of believers and you feel yourself truly as part of Christ’s Church.  And you want to let that brotherly love continue (Heb 13:1)!

So on the weekend of August 24th-25th a group of participants in the Summer English Camp of the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea came together once again at St Dionysios Orthodox Church in Ulsan, Korea.  Students and young adults came from Seoul and Jeonju to reunite and enjoy each other’s presence again.

By early Saturday afternoon all participants arrived and we enjoyed a hearty lunch together, with smiles, jokes, and a few gifts.  Next was a trip to Ilsan Beach for swimming and playing in the sand.   We returned to the church for Great Vespers and we were blessed to have some of our guests help serve in the altar and sing in the choir, making a beautiful offering to our Lord.  Later that night we celebrated the birthday of one of our sisters with dinner, cake, and group games.

Sunday we all came and showed our unity in Christ by participating in Orthros and the Divine Liturgy.  Fr Christopher Moore offered a sermon to help us reflect on our various parent/child relationships in the Church, and how we all are called to care for one another, to help our brothers and sisters grow in Christ.  And the celebration continued with lunch for all parishioners and guests, and a birthday cake for two of our local Ulsan campers.  By early afternoon it was already time for our guests to begin traveling home.  Though our time together was short, our love for one another was renewed and our sense of connection as brothers and sisters in Christ was strengthened.

All of us hope that we can make more visits to see each other throughout the year!