Parishioners of our Church in Ulsan Visit St. Nicholas Cathedral

On June 3rd, Saturday of the souls, the family of the late Father Paul Kwon, accompanied by the faithful of St. Dionysios Parish in Ulsan, travelled to Seoul in order to visit Father Paul’s tomb at the Orthodox Cemetery in Paju and to have a memorial service. At the cemetery they were met by Metropolitan Ambrosios of Korea, the President of OCMC in the USA Rev. Fr. Martin Ritsi, who happened to be visiting our Church here at the time, and Deacon Yohan Park.

Following the memorial service at the tomb, they all visited the Cemetery chapel which is dedicated to the Resurrection of the Lord. There, Metropolitan Ambrosios, explained to them the meaning and details of the beautiful Icons that depict the miracles of Christ resurrecting Lazarus, the daughter of Jairus and the son of the widow of Nain.

After the cemetery, our faithful from Ulsan visited our Monastery in Kapyeong in order to meet HE Sotirios Metropolitan of Pisidia and to attend the Exhibition of Byzantine Icons that was held at the Monastery.

They came back to Seoul at night and stayed at a nearby motel. The next day they attended the Matins and the Divine Liturgy of Pentecost as well as the Vespers of kneeling. They also enjoyed their participation in the International Food Festival that was organized at the church yard of St. Nicholas in Seoul. Later in the day they returned to Ulsan.