Interest for the Orthodox Church in Korea


By the grace of God, the visits, by arrangement, to the parishes of the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea by heterodox students, pastors, monks, and lay people to attend courses on the Theology, History, Worship, and Art of the Orthodox Church have continued unabated. The same is the case with invitations from universities, theological schools, and Churches of other denominations for lectures on the Orthodox Church.

For example, on Thursday, June 27 this year, members from the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea responded to an invitation for a lecture “On the Holy Trinity, the Jesus Prayer and the Theology of Icons.” The lecture was scheduled from 8 to 10 pm. However, due to the many questions of the participants, the event ended at 11 pm. It was touching to see young married couples who had come after work with their whole family to the lecture. Their young children, together with their chaperones, stayed until so late in a special area specially designed for children, from which they had visual and auditory contact with the lecture area, but without the slightest noise from where they were playing.

From the foregoing, we can see the growing interest of non-Orthodox Koreans in the Orthodox Church, as well as the duty of Orthodox Christians to engage in a loving and truthful dialogue with every person of goodwill. Lord, please Lord, make us worthy to uphold the word of Truth everywhere and always.