Humanitarian aid to Ukraine

On Saturday, April 30, a container of about $ 450,000 worth of medicines and basic necessities was transported to our warring brothers in Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea has been working with the Korea Love Sharing Community to collect humanitarian aid and ship it from the port of Busan via Romania to Ukraine.

Before the container left Seoul for Busan, a short ceremony took place, during which the Metropolitan of Korea referred to the Holy Icon entitled: “Jesus Christ, the Philanthropist”, saying that the effort made was not based on political, economic, or other sinful expediencies, but the motives are only Philanthropic, in imitation of the Philanthropist Christ.

The ceremony was attended by the wife of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Seoul, the President of the Korea Love Sharing Community, and representatives of the pharmaceutical and other companies that offered the goods to be sent.