HE Metropolitan of Hydra, Spetses and Aegina Ephraim, for Saint Nektarios

On Friday, November 11, 2022, HE Metropolitan of Hydra, Spetses, and Aegina Ephraim was invited in the internet gathering organized by the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea.

Metropolitan Ambrosios of Korea welcomed HE Ephraim and asked him to share with the participants the experiences he has had from his childhood with Saint Nektarios, because, as he said: “Your Eminence, you know more than I do about St. Nektarios because, due to age difference, you met more people in Aegina, who had met St. Nektarios”.

His Eminence Fr. Ephraim expressed his joy for his participation in the Synaxis, but also his condolences for the passing of the blessed Metropolitan late Soterios and wished us to have his blessings.

The more than one hundred participants watched with great interest and emotion the recollections of His Eminence from his acquaintance with two of the nuns of St. Nektarios Monastery, deaconess Magdalene Moustakas and Chrysafenia Kalamaki. He also told us about the experience he had, when for the first time he visited the monastery of St. Nektarios together with his classmates and their teacher Archimandrite Ioannis Iliopoulos of the Kypseli Elementary School in Aegina, for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy in the Monastery, following the removal from the tomb the Relics of Saint Nektarios (1953).

The meeting lasted for more than one hour, which passed very quickly. The precious personal testimonies of His Eminence Ephraim about the life of the first great Saint of the 20th century were deeply engraved in the souls of all those who participated in the gathering.