Collaboration of Greek and Far Eastern Byzantine Iconographers

With the help of the Lord and the intersections of His Most Holy Mother, the iconographic work of the holy church of the Dormition of the Theotokos in the city of Jeonju continued for the second week.

The forty-member team of iconographers and their assistants worked diligently for long hours from Monday to Saturday. The result of all this effort is that the faces of the Pantocrator, the Platytera, the Angels, the Prophets, the Righteous and the Hierarchs slowly began to come to life on the walls of the dome and niche of the Holy Altar and to create the feeling of communication with those entering the church.

This time something happened that had not happened in the previous times during the iconographic work of all the other churches of the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea, which deserves special emphasis. Apart from the Greek iconographers, for the first time, the crew included iconographers and assistants from Korea and Taiwan, Orthodox and Roman Catholics. This is the fruit of the effort that began in 1995, with the initiative of the late Metropolitan of Pisidia, Soterios from Korea. In 1995, the icon painting of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Seoul took place with the voluntary work of iconographers exclusively from Greece, that is, the iconographer professor Sozos Giannoudis and his collaborators and students. Since then until today, Koreans and Taiwanese have studied in Greece, but also in Korea during some summer intensive iconography courses, organized for a number of years by the Metropolis. So today, several of the talented assistants are accomplished iconographers thanks to Professor Giannoudis and the Korean iconographer Tatiana So. This fact is very promising for the future of Byzantine iconography in the Far East, where interest in Orthodox art is constantly increasing.


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