On Monday, June 5, 2017, the Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior in Gapyeong held the inauguration of a three-day Byzantine Icons exhibition. The exhibition presented the works of the students of the intensive program of Hagiography courses, which took place from May 1st to June 5th . The lessons were taught this year by the Professor of Byzantine iconography, Mr. Sozos Yiannoudis, who came from Greece exclusively for this purpose.

The program included an introductory speech by the Metropolitan of Korea Ambrosios, a speech by Father Martin Ritsi, Director of OCMC titled: “The Importance of Images”, followed by Professor Yiannoudis’ greetings and ended with a short concert of traditional Korean music, organized by Gavriella Kim (piano) and soprano Lim (singing).

Later, Professor Yiannoudis gathered all visitors to the Exhibition area, where he could show the steps for the creation of a new image from the initial to the final phase.

The participants in the Exhibition enjoyed the monastic hospitality with a a common meal.

On behalf of the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea, the Metropolitan of Korea Ambrosios expressed his warmest thanks to the Metropolitan of Pisidia, Sotirios, Sister Agathi and Professor Yiannoudis, who had the responsibility of organizing the Hagiography Lesson program.

On the occasion of Veterans Day, a memorial service was held  by the Metropolitan of Korea  for the repose of the souls of the 186 Greeks soldiers killed during the Korean War, at the monument that was erected in the Monastery for this purpose.

The whole event was  filmed by the Korean TV crew of CBS, which broadcast the news in the evening news bulletin of the same day.


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