Altar – Boys Meeting

On Thursday, February 23, 2017 an Altarboys Meeting was held in Seoul, which was attended by Altarboys of the Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas. 
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The central theme of the meeting was: “Altarboys: Assistants to Holy Angels.” After a short morning Service at St. Maxim’s chapel, HE Metropolitan Ambrosios welcomed all of them and gave a speech on the topic: “Altarboys: Assistants to Holy Angels. A conversation followed with the students asking and answering questions made by the Metropolitan.  

A little later, lunch was served to all participants and then they all played together games at the Church front yard that were organized by Deacon Yohan Park. After the outdoor games were over, the Deacon gave them instructions and practical suggestions as to how to serve better at the Holy Altar during worship.  

Finally, the Altar-boys were served Milk Pie and the meeting ended with a short presentation by Fr. Anthony Lim on the topic: “The ministry of Altarboys during the Great Lent, the Holy Week and Holy Easter.

Photos from the meeting: