A Two-day Youth Retreat in Ulsan

At the weekend of 27 and 28 May, on the occasion of the 40-day Memorial of the late Father Paul Kwon, a Youth Meeting was held with the members of SYNDESMOS in Ulsan with the participation of young men and women from Seoul, Incheon, Busan and Ulsan.

The central theme of the meeting was “The Youth’s responsibility for the Church”. During the subsequent speeches and discussions that followed, interesting suggestions and thoughts were expressed as to how young men and women of SYNDESMOS should work to further acquaint the Orthodox Church in the Korean society and what each person can do personally for the advancement of the Orthodox Church of Korea in the future. There were also practical issues discussed in detail regarding the better organization of the summer Camp of the Metropolis in Chuncheon this year.

Those who took part in the two –day retreat, they had the opportunity to participate in the Services of worship  (Saturday Vespers and Compline) and on Sunday they attended the Service of Matins, the Divine Liturgy and the Memorial service.

The faithful of the Parish of St. Dionysius in Ulsan, extended their warm hospitality to the members of SYNDESMOS, to whom we all expressed our heartfelt thanks.