21.10.16. The Wedding of Andreas Chamalis and Eleni Cho Hye-won

On Saturday, October 16 at 3 p.m. the Sacrament of marriage between Andreas Chamalis and Eleni Cho Hye-won was performed at St. Nicholas Cathedral. Andreas Hamalis was born into a priestly family in Neos Skopos, Serres, and grew up in the Church.  Eleni Cho Hye-won was born into a Korean Orthodox family. Following the Sacrament of Marriage, Metropolitan of Korea Ambrosios delivered the following sermon:

“The family institution is going through a great crisis in our time. This is clear firstly, from the fact that many young people today do not wish to get married, preferring to just live together with a partner, and secondly, if they get married, they do not want to have any children. Therefore, we have reached the point where Korea now has the highest birth deficit rates in the world. 

That is why the decision of two young persons to unite in marriage out of love for each other and out of respect for the God-given institution of the family, is a spiritual revolution, a real resistance to the spiritual, moral and social evil of today’s society.

This is the reason why all of us, who have gathered here today to attend the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, feel really joyful and are overcome with emotion. Because our dear Andreas and Eleni came to church today to give before God a promise of eternal love and devotion to each other. They came to receive the blessing of the Church, in order to begin the creation of their family based on the solid and unshakable foundation of faith and love.

 My dear children and brothers, Andreas and Eleni,

Today, all of us accompany you with our prayers and we wish you to lead a life of love and “holding hands on the path that will lead you to deification”. You are accompanied by the deep love and heartfelt wishes of your good parents, who gave birth to you and raised you with so much effort, as well as your brothers and all your relatives.

Your relatives from Greece, America and Germany, many of whom would be here today in this blessed and joyous event, if it were not for the pandemic problem, are all present mentally praying and also sending you their love and warm wishes. Our Theotokos, in whose Orchard of Mount Athos reside your two brothers, they are praying for you as you begin your life’s journey together. May She always protect you from any evil.

His Eminence the Metropolitan of Pisidia Soterios, our Clergymen and all the members of our Korean Orthodox Church wish you to “live a peaceful life, longevity, wisdom and love for one another in the bond of peace”.  And by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ may you see “children of your children”. “To Him we ascribe all the glory, honor and worship.” Amen.