2020.5.2. Funeral Service of the Late Church Reader Seraphim Seon Ryul Kim

On Saturday, May 2, 2020, at the cemetery of the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea, the Funeral Service of the late Seraphim Seon Ryul Kim was held, during which His Eminence Metropolitan of Pisidia Soterios delivered the following speech:

My brothers, it is with special emotion and pain of soul that today we see off our dear brother and distinguished collaborator of our Church, blessed Seraphim. We bury His body, which had suffered so much in this life, with respect to the earth to rest, until the common resurrection. In addition, we send off his immortal soul to the heavenly kingdom, where the sound and the joy of the celebrants is incessant from the contemplation of God.

Blessed Seraphim had been preparing for this great meeting with His Lord and God for years. In fact, he spent several years of his life with his pious wife Elizabeth in service of our Monastery. During those years, he offered his many and valuable services to our Monastery day and night. He participated in the morning and evening services and in the Divine Liturgy with a devout heart. He felt a great honour when he was appointed as a Reader of the Church. His reverence during his ministry inside the Holy Altar was exemplary.

Moreover, he was also tireless in working on other projects of the Holy Monastery. He was always willing to meet any need. He worked in the gardens for hours. God blessed his efforts and that is why we had rich harvests.

His sensitivity to not burden the Monastery with any expenses was also touching. His financial contributions to the Monastery completely covered the expenses of his and his wife’s feeding, while she also worked tirelessly for the smooth operation of the Monastery.

It would not be possible for the Lord not to reward such a faithful servant! Since He relieved him of all pain in the last stage of his illness, we are quite sure that, while his soul is in Heaven, God will address him by this calling: “Come you blessed servant, enter into the joy of your Lord.”

And this is exactly what comforts all of us from the separation of our dear brother Seraphim; that he was freed from the diseases and sorrows of this life and now enjoys the joy that the Lord gives to those who love Him and live according to His holy Will.

Dear Elizabeth, we share in your pain for having been deprived of the presence of your husband. We share the pain of your children, grandchildren and all your relatives and friends. And we ask the Lord to give you comfort and peace.

Let us not forget: Our Lord Jesus Christ called your beloved husband and respected father and grandfather, Seraphim, near Him at a time when we are celebrating His Resurrection, during which we constantly sing that Christ overcame death and gave all those who believe in Him as their Lord and God eternal life and happiness.

So let us now sing once more, all together, Christ is Risen!