2016 Schedule of Services for New Year & Theophany

New Year / The Feast of St. Basil


Sat. 31 Dec. 2016

17:00~18:00pm.  Great Vespers for the Feast


Sun. 1 Jan. 2017

08:45~10:00am. Matins for the Feast

10:00~11:30am.  Divine Liturgy of St. Basil

12:00~13:00pm.  Vaseilopita Cutting & Fellowship




Thu. 5 Jan. 2017

09:00~10:30am.  Service of the Royal Hours

17:00~19:00pm.  Great Vespers, Divine Liturgy of St. Basil

19:00~19:45pm.  Great Blessing of the Waters


Fri. 6 Jan. 2017

08:45~10:00am. Matins for the Feast

10:00~11:30am.  Divine Lityrgy of St. John Chrysostom

11:30~12:15pm.   Great Blessing of the Waters